Best Advice from Multi-Million Dollar Business Builder – Team Genesis Training August 17, 2019

Multi-million dollar business builder, Klaus Urbanek, share what he’s learned from his decades of success in the MLM industry.  Additionally, Klaus revealed what it took to become an Executive Vice President here in just 4 months.  Here are some of the ways he made that happen:

– Created a ‘wish list’ of Top 25 invited – 16 enrolled, 8 purchased and 4 duplicated
– Taught and lead his team
– Automated his business
– Spent time with successful & supportive people
– Invested in personal development
– Maintained a correct mindset

Finally, our trainer reminded us that it takes time to be great at anything we endeavor to do well. Becoming a successful CTFO business owner is no exception! So, persevere and trust in the process – the reward that awaits you is worth it!

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