CTFO Reno Convention 411 – Wed. Webinar Replay November 20, 2019

Please Note: Janet Larson Meyer has resigned from the CTFO program as of February 2020.

On Wednesday night’s webinar, these Team Genesis associates gave the 411 on our Reno convention:
• Rick Lawrence
• Mike Fink
• Susan and John Muniz
• Hanna and Tom Benson
• Nancy Kramptez
• Roland Rascon
• Nicole Rene Robinson

Hear this talented and enthusiastic team share their favorite takeaways and key insights in their own words.

Don’t miss the story about the CTFO Associate who said God helped him “get lucky.”

Find out who traveled across the country to spend 24 hours in Reno, and what made it worth the trip.

Hear which new enhancements are having the most impact on their businesses, and more.

This video recap is the next best thing to being there, so if you missed it, watch this webinar to experience the enthusiasm and excitement of the event.

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