CTFO’s Most Reliable and Professional Business Overview – Wed. Webinar Replay December 4, 2019

Please Note: Janet Larson Meyer has resigned from the CTFO program as of February 2020.

Associates and guests heard another professional, ’tell it like it is’ business overview, presented by Executive Vice President, Janet Larson Meyer.

Then Janet moved into a great interview with her special guest associate, Randy Kalisek. Randy told his personal story of how CTFO is helping him build his retirement picture after a successful 40-year career in photography. Then he shared interesting, not widely known, information about CBD and revealed some of his team building trade secrets. Some of you may want to adopt Randy’s fast growing Meet Up group strategy to grow your own businesses as well.

Without a doubt, this presentation would be great to share with prospects and new enrollees to help them get their mind around what’s available and what’s possible here. SHARE AWAY!

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