From Corporate America to Network Marketing – Wed. Webinar Replay August 14, 2019

Please Note: Janet Larson Meyer has resigned from the CTFO program as of February 2020.

Meeting attendees heard from our company’s #1 enroller of active associates – the winner of last year’s Gala Contest.
Guest associate, Jim Sapp, shared his unique and valuable ideas that can help you, and everyone here, build your confidence, build your business, and win contests.  Also, you won’t want to miss Jim’s great stories!  Not only were they funny, but they were memorable and impactful, and supported the ideas and concepts he shared.

Janet Larson Meyer also gave a compelling and easy to understand overview of the incredible and unique products and business opportunity CTFO has to offer.  She explained how the free business model built around industry leading products, like our new 10 x pure GOLD Super 1000 cbd-a oil, can be the answer for anyone looking to improve their health and finances.  This newly released, exclusive CTFO product is positioned to shake up the $600 billion industry treating pain and inflammation.

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