Low Cost, Effective Marketing Strategies – Wed. Webinar Replay October 16, 2019

Please Note: Janet Larson Meyer has resigned from the CTFO program as of February 2020.

Janet Larson Meyer kicked off this week’s Team Genesis webinar by sharing a complete overview of our CTFO opportunity.  Next, our guest associates, Vivian Daniels and Tammy Dismang, revealed valuable tips on how to successfully market our program on Craigslist. 

Watch this video to learn where Vivian and Tammy place their ads and how they follow up with new enrollees and prospects.  Additionally you’ll hear how they support the large number of associates they consistently onboard to ensure each person has a real shot at success here.    

Finally, learn how important three-way calls are to this duo’s overall success.  Viv and Tammy solicit the help of their upline in a creative and effective way to ‘get the job done’ time and time again.  It’s all about team work and results for these two business builders and their Team Genesis leaders.

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