New Lead Store Overview & Training – Team Genesis Training October 26, 2019

Team Genesis associates heard from lead generation expert, Jason Kraft, of Dedicated Media Solutions.  

For several years now, Jason’s company has provided serious mlm business builders with exactly what they need to grow their organizations beyond their warm market.  To date, DMS has contributed to the success of thousands of network marketers, including Brian Carruthers, a multi-million dollar earner featured on a recent Team Genesis webinar.

Watch Janet’s informative interview with Jason to learn why she and Brian, and other top industry earners, have adopted this proven marketing strategy.  Then, simply go to our new lead store at and choose the option that works for you.  Remember to enter the coupon code FAST30 to receive 30% more leads for FREE. 

Of course, we’re happy to answer your questions or requests for assistance at  Look for testimonials from FastStartLeads users along with training material and phone scripts that will be posted in your store site soon.     

Happy Recruiting!

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