No Hype CTFO Business Overview – Wed. Webinar Replay October 30, 2019

Please Note: Janet Larson Meyer has resigned from the CTFO program as of February 2020.

Janet Larson Meyer shares her ‘Top 10 Reasons’ why network marketing is the best way to be in business today. She also covers why CTFO is the best program in our industry highlighting our transformational products, unique hybrid compensation plan, exclusive team tools and our perfect timing to help make her point.

This complete and compelling business overview will make for a great video to send to your prospects. In just 18 minutes, they’ll see enough to be ready to make a decision to join CTFO and use this vehicle to literally ‘change their future outcome’. With everything to gain and nothing to lose it only makes sense to say “YES” to our no cost, no risk opportunity. Improved health, wealth and lifestyle are what’s at stake for your prospects.

This webinar, including great PowerPoint slides, will ‘sell’ this program for you!

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